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Summer Weed Control

Quantico Creek Sod Farms Weed Control

Keep your lawn healthy with summer weed control.

Summer is here and whether you’ve done your lawn prep or not, you might be dealing with summer weeds. The problem with summer weeds, in particular, is that a lot of these weeds are in their emergent stage, making them more established and therefore more difficult to remove. Diagnosing and managing the problem is critical for the short-term health of your lawn, but it can also give you insight on how to better maintain your lawn in the long run to avoid future weed outbreaks.


The first thing to do is identify your specific weed problem. There are generally two types of weeds you’ll be dealing with—broadleaf and grassy. Identifying broadleaf weeds is usually pretty easy, but getting a read on the grassy weeds can be a bit more challenging. Identification does more than just tell you what kind of weeds you’re dealing with—it also helps you understand what went wrong with your soil to cause those particular weeds to grow. Whether it’s nutrient imbalance, sunlight issues, or soil compaction—all of these problems can lead to spots of lawn that fail to thrive and open the way for weeds to outperform your turfgrass.

Plan of Action

Once you know what you’re dealing with, you need to move to a plan of action. These are also broken up into 2 common forms—cultural and chemical. Cultural intervention involves hand weeding your lawn and if any of your weeds are indicating issues, managing those issues to give your turfgrass the edge over future weeds. Chemical intervention is pretty self-explanatory—herbicides. The struggle with herbicides in summer is that weeds in the emergent stage are sometimes more resistant. In addition, a weed killer that focuses on grassy weeds may also kill off portions of your turfgrass as well. If the problem is too extensive to deal with culturally and you’re competing with grassy weeds, you might have to choose to go nuclear with chemicals and overseed the affected area of the lawn to stimulate new, healthy growth.

Call the Pros

If all else fails and you need another option, call in the professionals. They will be able to quickly diagnose your weed outbreak and come up with an action plan to clear your lawn of the unwelcome invaders. The knowledge and experience of landscapers and sod farmers can help you deal with your specific lawn issue, and they will likely have invaluable advice to give on how to keep common weeds from becoming a constant problem that you have to deal with every summer.

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