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July Lawn Care for Cool Season Grasses

Quantico Creek Sod July Lawn Care

The heat of July has an impact on how to properly continue summer care for your cool-season grass.

Having a beautiful, manicured, healthy lawn is a lot of work, but for many, it is well worth it. Depending on the type of grass you ended up with when you spread the seed or laid the sod, that work will be different during different seasons. In fact, the work you have to do in the summer for very heat-tolerant grass is different than the summer work for cold season grasses, from weed control to regular cutting. If you happen to have cold season grasses on your property, read on for the July lawn care tasks you should be doing to keep them healthy and beautiful. 

Tips For Mowing

When most people think of lawn care, they immediately think of the work of mowing. And there are very differing opinions about how much and how often grass should be mowed. Some people think you should mow every week without fail while others think you should mow as short as you can so it takes a while to get long and over-grown looking again (because mowing in the high heat of summer is so uncomfortable). Neither of these thoughts is exactly right. First, keep in mind that the wear and tear you feel as you’re out there mowing in the heat is also impacting your grass. Many grasses, especially cold season grasses can be easily damaged if you mow them when they are already under duress from the heat. Additionally, you should never mow more than 1/3 of the height of the grass at any one time. Generally, at this time of year, go ahead and let that grass get a little long and high. It will be better for the grasses in the long run.


During the heat of summer, your grass is likely not getting enough water. Sure on some days we have torrential downpours, but most of that runs off. Your grasses need a good, slow soaking every few days during the heat of July so that they don’t wither and die. Try to make sure that you’re watering in the coolest parts of the day (like early in the morning or as the sun is setting in the evening) to limit how much water is lost to evaporation. 

Tips For Other Maintenance

The only other major mid-summer thing to pay attention to is grubs. July is the time of year that they hatch and start to feed on grass roots. Pay attention for signs of destructive grub infestation and act quickly before they can really hurt your already stressed cold season grasses. 

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