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Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

Preparing Your Lawn for Spring quantico creek sod

Here are some useful shortcuts to get your lawn ready for spring!

Spring will be here before we know it. You might have seen your lawn start to perk up again and the trees start to bloom. Did you know there are ways to help it wake up from hibernation before your neighbors can do the same? Just follow some of these useful shortcuts to get your lawn ready for spring!

Combine Your Products 

One idea is to combine your products. Buying separate lawn care products meant to fertilize the grass while discouraging the growth of weeds and stopping crabgrass and fire ants seems like too much work. Look for the first dandelions to start popping up. This is a good sign that you can apply triple-action products to the sod. Dandelions and clovers are pretty to look at, but did you know that they are actually weeds? Doing this also prevents the spread of crabgrass for up to four months, giving your lawn plenty of time to flourish! 

Read All Instructions

When using products you aren’t familiar with, read all the instructions on the bag. Reseeding your lawn also makes it fragile, so don’t apply anything to it when it is at this stage. Even with a triple-action product in place, you will want to fertilize your lawn until fall is here. It doesn’t matter if you have a small, medium-sized, or large lawn! 

Fix Up Your Lawn 

Rebuilding your lawn is easier to do than starting a brand new one. Take a walk around your property and look at its condition right now. Winter isn’t always lovely to your landscape and your curb appeal. As it begins to retreat, you should do what you can to help your lawns and yards recover. Special seed-patch products can help you fill in bald spots, gaps, and thatches you may have noticed during your cursory inspection. Using the right products to fill in weak spots is easy, but it’s easier to order custom-cut sod from your friends at Quantico Creek Sod Farm, who can deliver it right to your door! 

Mow Smarter, Not Harder 

It’s almost time to start mowing your lawn again. Start at the edges and work inwards while running a spiral pattern. You can also move back and forth in parallel lines if you choose. Make sure you don’t mow too closely, either. Think of mowing the lawn as giving your yard a haircut! Longer grass blades can help block the growth of weeds and keep them from absorbing sunlight they don’t deserve! 

Get Your Yard Ready for Spring!

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