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Benefits of Laying Sod in the Winter

Benefits of Laying Sod in the Winter quantico creek sod

Here are some benefits of laying sod in the winter.

You may think that seasons like summer and spring are best for installing sod. However, winter is the best time for the sod to be installed. Your chances of having a fresh, beautiful lawn are here because winter is the best time to prepare your property for warmer months. It’s ideal for a homeowner to install sod during the winter, and it can be highly beneficial to the coming seasons. Here are some benefits of laying sod in the winter.

Saves Water and Money

Warm-season sods such as Bermuda, Zoysia, and Centipede variations can all be installed while dormant during the winter. Dormant sods will require you to water at its root, which can save you money on your water bill. The best varieties of sod to use in this environment are zoysia and bermudagrass. When you choose the hardiest sod, it can endure the bad weather and treacherous conditions that can prevent the roots from settling into the soil and thriving.

Although, you’ll still need to water your new sod immediately after installation and through its dormant period to ensure it’s still moist and healthy by spring. Overall, you’ll find it’s less time-consuming to water your sod during the winter than in the warmer months. Just be sure to keep your sod moist during dry, windy, and cold weather conditions.

Reduces the Risk of Mud and Erosion

If you have a bare yard, you won’t want to risk erosion and mud during the winter months. So you’ll find that installing dormant sod is a better option. Doing so will keep your yard protected, improve the quality of your home’s curb appeal, and most importantly, give you a fresh lawn when spring comes around—leaving you to enjoy your finished lawn without any hassles. 

No Weeds

There is some truth that weeds will more than likely start to sprout in your new sod over through winter. This is due to the application of fertilizer not being recommended to apply until the spring season. However, the great news is that the unwanted weeds won’t last very long. Once spring arrives and you can apply fertilizer, those nasty weeds will be out of your hair.

Get Your Yard Ready for Winter!

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