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Finding the Right Sod for Your Yard

Finding the Right Sod for Your Yard quantico creek sod

If you’ve just bought a brand new home, consider looking into these common types of new home sod for your yard.

You’ve finally put down a down payment for your brand-new home. You couldn’t be more excited to start your life anew in a great new dwelling place. But with any new home comes a yard, and with that yard will need to come new home sod. The type of grass you’ll see on a front lawn likely doesn’t grow naturally, so you’ll need to purchase some high-quality sod to lay down. During the construction of your brand new home, consider looking into these common types of new home sod for your yard while you wait. 

Zoysia Sod

Zoysia sod is native to Asia but grows incredibly well in hotter American climates. It has a beautiful emerald-green color and is a perennial grass, meaning it goes into hibernation every year but returns without the need for entirely new sod. It is well known as a very durable grass that can withstand heat, cold, and heavy foot traffic and has tolerance in the shade. Zoysia sod is a great choice for new home sod because it is relatively low maintenance, so you can focus on other construction and landscaping requirements. 

Bermudagrass Sod

Another common new home sod is Bermudagrass sod. Bermudagrass has a lot of commonalities with Zoysia since it is also durable and resistant to heat. This type of grass is super popular on sports fields and golf courses due to its thin grass blades. However, Bermudagrass cannot grow in the more Northern areas of the United States. While it can grow healthily in Maryland, it’s the new home sod of choice if you live in Virginia or further south.

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Kentucky Bluegrass is a cool-season grass, meaning it grows best in areas with cooler weather. It is not recommended for the Southern United States. While this grass is rich in emerald green color, it does require a decent amount of maintenance. This sod takes much longer to germinate than other recommended new home sod. However, it is the recommended new home sod of choice for those who really enjoy landscaping and the visual appeal of their yards due to its gorgeous color and grass quality. Kentucky Bluegrass is also highly disease resistant and has the innate ability to heal itself when infection strikes. If your home still has a while to go before completion, and you love landscape, consider Kentucky Bluegrass sod as your desired new home sod. 

Get Your Yard Ready for Spring!

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