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Leaves of Grass: Dealing with Lawn Care in the Fall

Leaves of Grass: Dealing with Lawn Care in the Fall

Dealing with lawn care can be confusing. After all, what should you do if the leaves keep falling onto it?

Dealing with your lawn can be confusing. After all, what should you do if the leaves keep falling onto it? Believe it or not, putting off chores like raking the blades could be beneficial and not harmful. Let’s find out more about this surprising factoid.

Leaf Layers

Although it sounds odd, the leaves can help your yard. As noted above, it has several benefits. Chief among them is how it helps support the trees nearby and how many wild animals rely on the leaves to form part of their new ecosystem, even if it is a tiny one. This means that smaller leaf layers can be left alone.

Leave the Leaves Where they Are 

Let’s take a moment to elaborate on that advice. While you can essentially leave the leaves where they fall, you don’t want to get carried away with it. Taller grass and fallen leaves alike should be mowed where they are. The lawnmower probably has a bag attachment; for this task, it’s better to leave it in the garage or backyard shed for the time being. Doing this can spread out the leaves in a way that doesn’t involve raking the leaves or getting the leaf blower out of storage. The leaves will form a source of food for the grass and provide it with crucial nutrients just in time for the cold season. This is integral to helping the grass thrive next spring. 

Start a New Ecosystem

We mentioned earlier how the leaves could kickstart a miniature ecosystem. Now let’s take a closer look at that concept. This means that the leaf layer should be allowed to flourish, at least up to a point. You’ll need a few inches for this strategy to pay off. But for this to work, you’ll need to take stock of your yard’s layout and general environment. A wide, sweeping lawn is probably the ideal setting for such a project. If you only have a scant few trees that are there for a decorative purpose, then this likely won’t work out the way you want it to. Keep the leaves away from storm drains, decks, driveways, patios, and walkways that crisscross your property. The moisture can ruin a deck unless you have it constructed from a particular substance, like composite materials.  

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