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Ordering Sod is Easier Than You Think!

Ordering Sod is Easier Than You Think!

Whether you need some sod for your residential or commercial property, ordering it is much easier than you might expect.

Whether you need some sod for your residential or commercial property, it is much easier than you might expect. Even for first-time customers who might not know how the process works, they’ll be surprised at how simple it is once they try it. Here’s a guide on how to do it to get the best turnaround on delivery! 

Get Your Lawn Ready

Before you can do anything else, you need to take some time and get your lawn ready to go. What this means is that the older grass needs to be removed first. Although you can often do this by yourself or with some help, it could be a potentially tedious task. We know that you have a busy schedule, so we would like to spare you the trouble. Once the older grass is gone, you can replace it with a brand new sod pallet. Next, you’ll need to think about what sod you want to have in its place. For instance, you can choose to have Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and grasses for the warm season. Of those, you can pick between Zoysia grass and bermudagrass. Each type of grass has its own advantages which you will have to consider as well. 

Measure Your Yard

Once that’s done, you’ve got to move on. The next step is to measure your yard. The reason this is important is twofold: first of all, you’ve got to decide how much sod you will need to fill in the gaps and flesh out your landscape. Second, you can talk to one of our team members or use the sod calculator we provide to help you determine what you will require based on the dimensions of your yard. You need all of this information before you can complete your order.

Place Your Order

Now you can proceed to checkout. Placing your order is a snap. During this process, you will have to indicate the delivery address. Then you specify the type of sod you want, along with the square footage that you desire. You can do pickup and delivery, and we offer a free quote, too!  

Choose Acquisition Method

Picking up from our sod farm is easy enough to do, but we understand if you’re too busy to do it. We have our fleet of trucks and can control where they go when they go, and how much cargo they can haul. We want to please all of our customers, whether they are homeowners or run a business!

Have More Questions? Stay in Touch!

Order early, and order often to ensure the best service possible. Contact us through our online page. Find us at 27616 Little Lane, Salisbury, Maryland 21801. Our phone number is 410-726-6103, and our fax number is 410-742-6550. Speak to Jason Anderson for Turf Grass Sales. Reach him by email at Finally, follow us on social media on Facebook, LinkedIn, and our blog!


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