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How to Keep Mosquitos Away From Your Lawn

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Mosquitos are one of the worst parts of summer, so make sure to take extra steps to keep them off your lawn.

There are a lot of advantages to summer. Kids are out of school; there are plenty of warm, sunny days and lots of fun activities to keep yourself and your family occupied. However, there are also some not-so-great things about the summertime. One of the easily most hated parts is the return of the dreaded mosquito. Mosquitos are often considered one of the world’s most annoying pests. Although they are a valuable food source for many insects, for everything else, they are nothing more than gross, irritating, and itchy pests. After the sun sets, especially on humid, overcast days, encountering mosquitos is inevitable. But, you’ll be happy to know that there are a few natural ways you can keep mosquitos off of your lawn. Here are some examples of how you can keep these pests away from your grass, lawn, and landscape.

Identify Potential Breeding Grounds on the Lawn

The most effective trick to eliminating mosquitos? Evict them! After all, even mosquitos have to have a place they call home. When mosquitoes bite, they are actually drawing blood that feeds their young. If you can find where the mosquito larvae are likely to be near your lawn, then you can eliminate a huge amount of mosquitoes. Areas around your lawn that might house mosquitos are any areas with stagnant water, such as puddles, old tires, dirty gutters, old leaf piles, or rainwater buckets. Find these areas and eliminate them. In the case of a large puddle on your lawn, consider adding some fresh sod to help sop up the mess. 

Mow the Lawn Frequently

Mosquitos are naturally attracted to people, but they spend a large part of their lives in the water. Make sure to mow your lawn frequently to be able to identify any forming puddles or wet spots quickly. Many are easily masked by patches of tall or overgrown grass, which is a great place for mosquitoes to reside. 

Think Ahead for Next Year

Lastly, make sure to think ahead for next summer. If you want to further help in mosquito prevention, make sure to prep your lawn in the late springtime. Drop by the local hardware store and look for natural insect repellent. You can apply this solution anywhere on your lawn where you believe mosquitos are likely to prosper. By doing this early, you are actively deterring mosquitos away from your lawn before they even come since they will go and find a more suitable place to raise their young far away from your property. 

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