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Go Green with an Environmentally-Friendly Lawn

Go Green with an Environmentally-Friendly Lawn

Did you know that your lawn is good for the environment?

Did you know that your lawn is good for the environment? Many homeowners can’t tell the difference between turf and sod, but both have their merits. Building up an environmentally-friendly lawn is much easier than you might think, especially if you don’t have much experience figuring out how to keep your landscape looking good this late in the year!

Runoff Filtration

One way a healthy lawn helps the environment is by filtering runoff. The grass will absorb rainwater and slow it down instead of letting it slide away as it does when it hits a hard, slanted surface such as a roof or a wall. This benefit also helps with flood control. The sod and soil underneath the grass also help balance out the water and change the pH levels. This means the water is much less acidic and won’t do as much damage to the environment.

Lowering Heat Levels

Even in the fall and winter, cities and other urban areas can be hot due to all the asphalt, steel, and concrete. Compared to rural areas, where these construction materials are much less common, there isn’t as much of a so-called “heat island” effect. Lawns help to reduce heat levels, which at first sounds unpleasant when it is cold outside, but lawns, gardens, and other cultivated places do make a difference. It cools down the air and can help keep everyone happy and healthy.

Boost Air Quality 

Cold and flu season is upon us, and with allergens in the air already, why would you want to add even more suffering on top of that? Lawns are eco-friendly because they help to boost the air quality around them. Through photosynthesis, plants can turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. This miracle of nature helps to fight the proliferation of greenhouse gasses. Grass can store astonishing amounts of carbon – even more than forests – and help remove contaminants and pollutants such as dust and smoke particles from the air. Plus, you and your family will receive a burst of fresh air from your lawn, just by going outside. 

Enhances the Ecosystem 

You might not realize this, but your lawn helps the local ecosystem. Native plants need to survive, and animals need to be able to thrive as well. Both plants and animals help support human life, but our civilization has crowded most of the planet’s resources. Birds, worms, spiders, insects, and bees all need a place to live, and a lawn can be a good place for them!

Helps Fight Soil Erosion

Finally, consider how lawns can help fight soil erosion. Eroded soil will contaminate and ruin the quality of the water around you. Groundwater is essential, as is the water if you live near the shore by the bay or the ocean. Algae can bloom out of control, and landslides and mudslides can put inhabited areas at risk. All of these are reasons to plant new lawns and tend for them!

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