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Getting Rid of Dollarweed

Getting Rid of Dollarweed

Many homeowners might not know what dollarweed is. It is, of course, a type of weed.

Many homeowners might not know what dollarweed is. It is, of course, a type of weed. It is also known as pennywort and grows every year in the summertime between July and August when small white flowers begin to bloom. You can identify it by its telltale markings: round, bright green leaves that look wavy. Here are some tips on how to get rid of them when they appear on your lawn. 

Use Spot Treatments

The first strategy to try involves using spot treatments. Doing this is particularly useful if there is only a small patch of dollarweed, and it has not grown out of control yet. We must caution you against attempting to pull the weeds by hand. If you miss even a small piece of the roots, then they will regenerate. 

Try Weed-and-Feed Tactics

Another idea is to change your approach. Using weed-and-feed tactics may seem unconventional at first, but you’ll be glad you take a chance on it. When the dollarweed starts to spread, one stopgap measure is to withhold water for two weeks. However, this can’t continue indefinitely. Specially-formulated products will kill the weeds while also nourishing your lawn. 

Change the Watering Schedule 

Sometimes, the solution lies in changing part of your routine. This means that you should experiment with changing the watering schedule. Even in the fall, your lawn and various other parts of your landscape still need to get enough water and sunlight to survive through a long, cold, dark winter. Since dollarweed loves water, respond by dehydrating it! Hold back on how much water your lawn gets, either through irrigation or rainfall. This plan will help dry out the soil and starve the roots that make the weeds thrive. 

Mow the Grass Differently

Mowing the grass doesn’t seem like it will help. At least, it might not sound that way at first glance. Find the right height to mow your lawn – this might be higher than usual. Different grasses will have unique demands and preferred heights. In any case, this change will help the roots of the grass on your lawn grow stronger while discouraging the growth of any further weed outbreaks, whether it is dollarweed or another strain that is even more unpleasant. 

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