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Does a Lush Lawn Help When Selling a Home?

Quantico Creek Sod Farms Lush Lawn

A lush, healthy lawn can raise the desirability of your home and make it easier to sell.

There are many factors to consider when determining what is important when it’s time to sell your home, but the lawn and landscaping sometimes get overlooked. The interior and structure of a home is critically important for maintaining and raising the value of your home, but your lawn and landscaping can also play a big role. A lush lawn exudes curb appeal and creates an inviting atmosphere, raising the desirability of your home.

New Developments

In new developments, a lush green lawn is essential when it comes time to sell your home. Modern homes focus more on a clean, minimalist aesthetic for their curb appeal. Due to this, the lawn itself makes the biggest statement. Crowded gardens and mature shrubbery aren’t found in these newer residentials, so the homeowners in these areas focus on maintaining a lawn that is bright, dense, and healthy. It’s common for neighbors to try to sync up their lawns for a cohesive and appealing look that buyers are seeking.

Old Neighborhoods

In neighborhoods with older homes and a generally older feel and aesthetic, a bright green lush lawn isn’t as important. In these old-school suburbs, a lawn should be kept well-maintained, but it will play second fiddle to gardens, trees, and shrubbery. A mature garden is one of the most important landscaping features in these neighborhoods, which should outshine the lawn itself. For the best curb appeal, the lawn will usually be a darker green and not as dense, but well-kept and free of severe damage.

The Verdict

Maintaining curb appeal raises the desirability, and sometimes the value, of a home. It’s very important to carefully maintain a lush lawn based on the area where you live and keep it free from serious damage. A home with a well-manicured lawn gives off a great first impression and creates an inviting atmosphere that will make people wish they lived there.

Tips & Tricks

One of the most important tips for keeping a healthy lawn is making sure your mower blade isn’t too low when you mow. This is important—it can be tempting to cut the grass as low as possible to keep it from overgrowing between mowing sessions, but doing so reduces its ability to photosynthesize and remain healthy. In addition, keep your mower blades sharp. Dull mower blades shred the grass instead of slicing it cleanly, which will damage your lawn. Keep your lawn watered appropriately, being careful not to overwater or underwater, and follow a lawn care calendar to keep up on important steps in lawn care. This will help you keep track of when it’s time to do specific maintenance such as mulching, overseeding, and aerating.

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