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Common Reasons Your Sod Isn’t Rooting

Common Reasons Your Sod Isn't Rooting quantico creek sod

After laying sod, you patiently waited for the new lawn to take firm root. And that hasn’t happened!

You finally took the plunge and invested in new sod to help beautify your landscaping and improve the look and health of your overall lawn! After laying sod, you patiently waited for the new lawn to take firm root. And that hasn’t happened. Are you panicking? Don’t! There are some very common reasons that your new sod may not be taking root, and you or your landscaping professional can address many of them. Read on to learn about the four most common things that keep your new sod from taking root on your property.

Lack of Soil Preparation

One of the biggest reasons new sod struggles to take root is that the soil wasn’t prepared properly. Before laying sod, you must remove the rocks and debris that can block roots, clear away any existing grass that remains in the area, and till and aerate to loosen up the soil and allow the roots to penetrate. You may also need to grade the area and install drainage or irrigation equipment. Neglecting these steps when they’re needed can mean that your sod struggles to root.

Issues With Watering

When watering new sod, the goal is for Goldilock’s sweet spot of “just right” – both too little and too much water can cause problems. If you don’t water enough, the grass will be too stressed to root and grow, and the sod might completely wither and die. Watering too much might cause issues like root rot which can also kill your lawn. Proper watering of new sod takes time and attention. An automatic irrigation system can help you get the exact amount of water for your sod, but a strict watering schedule will also work if you don’t have one.

Damage From Mowing

Mowing too soon or too short can also cause problems. Generally, when the sod takes root, it likely won’t grow too quickly. Once it fully roots, you can mow without worrying about causing damage. However, make sure that you aren’t mowing too short. Many people do (trying to mow less frequently), which can stress and even kill your grass.

Problems With The Sod Quality

Finally, if the sod you bought was inferior quality or not the right sod for your area, this could be the reason it isn’t rooting. If you’ve done everything else right, and it is just not able to take root, the problem may be the sod itself. Reach out to your landscaping professional and see if they have any suggestions.

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