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Preparing Your Lawn for New Sod

Preparing Your Lawn for New Sod quantico creek sod

Preparing the ground for your new home sod is the most physically taxing bit. It is also vital that you do it correctly.

Spring is here, and the time is now to tackle those outdoor home and garden landscaping projects, including getting your lawn the way you want it. Maybe it’s a patchwork of different grass types. Or maybe it’s full of scraggly clumps and bare spots. The bottom line is that your lawn needs help and this is the year you will make it right with new home sod. Retail sod is a fine choice for reviving your dreams of a perfect lawn, but if you’re planning to DIY this project, you must understand that preparing the ground for your new home sod is the most physically taxing bit. It is also vital that you do it correctly.

Destroy The Weeds

The first step for preparing your property for new sod installation is to destroy the weeds. If you’re making the monetary and time investment of laying new sod, you don’t want some weeds popping up and ruining it all in a matter of months. If you’re DIYing this job, you can pick up a broad-spectrum weed killer from your local home improvement store. Read the directions carefully and follow them when applying the weed killer. Do this several weeks before your sod is expected to arrive so there is plenty of time for it to work. Your goal is to kill all the weeds so they don’t come back and grow under your sod.

Till The Soil

The next step is to till up all of the soil. The goal here is to loosen up the hard packed bits of soil and clay so that the roots of the sod have an easier time digging in. Make sure that the weed killer has done its job before you till; otherwise, you’ll just be spreading around the weeds that you didn’t kill off. If you don’t own a tiller, you can likely rent one for fairly cheap. By loosening the soil, you’re working to ensure your sod has the best chance to take root and thrive. While most sod can root even in packed soil, it puts even more stress on the sod and makes it more difficult for the sod to thrive.

Level The Ground

Finally, before the sod arrives, level everything out. There will likely be small peaks and valleys after tilling, so take the time to make it all smooth and level. This will make it easier to roll out the sod when it arrives, decrease the risk of puddles when watering the sod in those first few weeks,  and make it easier to get a consistent mow height once the grass is grown fully established.

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