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4 Ways To Prepare For Sod Delivery

4 Ways To Prepare For Sod Delivery Quantico Creek Sod

Killing off the grass may take a few weeks and multiple herbicide applications, so don’t rush that part.

When they dream about their backyard landscape, most people dream of having a lush, beautiful lawn around their home, without any bare spots and weeds. It takes a lot of work to get this, however. One way that many people often assume they can have that dream is to replace their lawn with new sod, but that doesn’t guarantee that your lawn will always be weed-free or that it won’t develop bald spots. Having a great lawn still takes work on your part, even if your new lawn is delivered on a truck as rolled sod. And the work starts before the sod is even delivered. Read on for some steps you need to take to prepare for your sod delivery, so you get the best, longest-lasting lawn possible.

Kill The Old Lawn

This step is easy to forget about, but it is essential. If you don’t completely kill the old grass, it will eventually grow up through your new sod. Give yourself time to spray the old turf a few times. Killing off the grass may take a few weeks and multiple herbicide applications, so don’t rush that part. This is an excellent way to prevent weeds as well since the spray should work on them too.

Prepare the Ground

It is essential to make sure that your ground is ready when the sod delivery comes. The longer the sod has to sit around, the worse it will be. Try to get all sod down on the same day it is delivered so there is less time to dry out. This means that you need to do the work of leveling the area and removing as many of the bumps and imperfections as beforehand. It is also good to wet everything down while you wait for the delivery.

Ready Your Irrigation System

Additionally, make sure your irrigation system is ready to go before your sod delivery. The new sod will need a lot of water in the first few weeks that it is down, so make sure the system is running correctly. It would be best if you also used this time to flag all of the sprinkler heads.

Have The Right Tools

Nevertheless, having the right tools makes the difference on any home improvement project, and your sod is no different. You will need to cut the sod to fit into the unique angles of your lawn, so a sod cutter is a must. You will also need pitchforks and rakes as well as a dumpster. These will help you move the sod around and get rid of the leftover bits from cutting. 

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