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How To Properly Take Care Of Your Fresh Sod

4 Ways To Prepare For Sod Delivery Quantico Creek Sod Farm

The reality is, you should avoid fertilizing your sod for at least a month after planting it.

If you’ve recently installed fresh sod in your lawn, you’ll understand the struggles of preparing your yard for the sod. Additionally, there is nothing worse than having a lawn that isn’t adequately prepared for your sod delivery. The reality is, sodding will save you a lot of time and money growing grass. Ultimately, new, fresh sod will leave your lawn super healthy with luscious grass down the line. Therefore, here are some key ways you can easily and effectively prepare your lawn for fresh sod delivery.

Properly Watering It

You will always need water to enjoy the growth of your grass and lawn overall correctly. Fabulously fresh sod will need a lot of water to ensure they grow effectively and efficiently. The reality is, during the first few steps, keeping the soil as saturated as you can is the best way to help the sod, and ultimately the grass grow and thrive.

Don’t Fertilize Your Sod

You must avoid ever fertilizing your sod. In fact, besides water, sod will typically need a ton of nutrients to grow properly. The reality is, you should avoid fertilizing your sod for at least a month after planting it. Ultimately, you’ll only want to begin applying fertilizer about four to five weeks after the initial sod installation. 

Monitor The Health Of Your Sod

While your lawn may appear healthy, it requires certain things to ensure it maintains its health. Keeping a close eye on your lawn right after installing sod can make the most out of your lawn down the line. 

Avoid Stepping On The Sod

Many homeowners forget that fresh sod is incredibly weak and can end up getting damaged very easily. Be mindful to avoid stepping on the sod — especially after initially installing it.

Bottom Line

Ensuring your lawn is appropriately sodded will undoubtedly make the most out of how your lawn looks and feels. In fact, there is nothing better than a beautiful lawn the entire family can enjoy. But getting there requires a few key steps to ensure the sodding delivery procedure is done effectively and efficiently. The reality is, taking care of your sod will create a lawn you love. 

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