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Useful Tips for Aerating and Dethatching Your Yard

Useful Tips for Aerating and Dethatching Your Yard

Two of the hardest tasks when it comes to taking care of your yard is making sure it looks good and keeping all of the pests out.

Two of the hardest tasks when it comes to taking care of your yard is making sure it looks good and keeping all of the pests out. Aerating and dethatching your lawn is something you can’t forget about, especially if you want your garden to retain its prize-winning good looks. 

All About Aerating 

When you sit down to plan out what you would like to do with your lawn, aeration probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. More than likely, you’ll be thinking about when you’ll have to use the mower again. But that doesn’t mean that aerating can’t be useful. You might have heard of this technique before, but under a different name – it’s also known as coring and aerifying. The coring method moves chunks of soil, where air, water, and nutrients are then allowed to reach the roots instead of being blocked. While it is theoretically possible to do this on your own, you’ll have much better luck if you entrust this task to a lawn care professional. Even so, here are some useful tips. 

Add some water to help soften up your lawn. Find all sprinkler heads and other utility lines and mark them, so you don’t damage them by accident. Take the aerator over your lawn once and then stop and review the results from your first run. Do it again, especially if you have never tried aerating it before. Water the lawn again and make sure you do it every two or three days after that. Try to aerate every year. 

Down to Start Dethatching

Now let’s turn our attention to another option. You may also notice thatch growing in your yard, but you won’t know how to get rid of it. A small amount of thatch is a good thing for your lawn  – it can, after all, act like mulch. But when thatch levels get out of control, that’s where the problems start to crop up. More pests and diseases will start to come out of the woodwork. Whether you want to control the fungus afflicting your grass or you want to be sure that the fertilizer is doing its job, then you’ll need to start the dethatching process as soon as you can. Hiring professionals to do it for you will be much quicker and more useful since you will have more reliable results. 

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