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Lawn Care Tips: Dealing with Fire Ants

Lawn Care Tips: Dealing with Fire Ants

Taking care of your yard is a matter of pride. That’s why no matter how hot it gets outside, you always do your best when it comes to lawn care.

Taking care of your yard is a matter of pride. That’s why no matter how hot it gets outside, you always do your best when it comes to lawn care. Even if you managed to make sure that the sod stays moist and the grass is growing correctly, you might not realize that pests can invade your turf. Here’s a look at how to deal with one such type of pest: fire ants.

The Bucketing Technique 

One trick you can try is known as bucketing. If you don’t do anything, the queen of the fire ants can lead to a swarm that will destroy your garden. That’s because, during their seven-year lifespan, a queen can lay up to 1,000 eggs every day. So how does the bucketing technique work? Find the anthill and dig out of the ground. Then cover up the hill with a bucket. After that, you can flip the bucket over and put the hill into it. Cornstarch and baby powder can also help you control the presence of the fire ants. Cover the pail and shovel with these powders to stop the fire ants from escaping and continuing to ravage your lawn

Hot Water Works 

If you’re reluctant to use chemical products on your lawn, then you’d be surprised that you can use hot water. That way, you won’t need to rely on any pesticides. This is another way to use the bucket in your yard if you don’t want to try the bucketing method. Don’t splash the water, or all of your hard work will be undone. One bucket won’t be enough. You’ll need to use three or four. Even when you use the hot water technique, you will still want to be careful. For one thing, you don’t want to hurt anyone else who is helping you in the garden. Be careful that you don’t drown the rest of the lawn, plants, flowers, and trees in your yard.

Using Bait and Traps

One final way to ensure lawn care and prevent the spread of fire ants, consider using baits or traps. While effective, using the technique of baits and traps should be a last resort when nothing else works. This is a more subtle way to destroy any colonies of fire ants that are still hanging around in your lawn.   

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