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Dealing with Bald Patches of Grass

Dealing with Bald Patches of Grass

One of the biggest problems associated with summer heat is when your grass wilts.

One of the biggest problems associated with summer heat is when your grass wilts. This means there can be unsightly bald patches on your lawn. Alternatively, all the grass could be brown or yellow. It doesn’t only have to be during a drought, either. Sunscald is a significant problem for all of your plants. 

Fill in All of the Spots 

You’ve got to meet this challenge head-on. Start by filling in all of the spots. High-quality sod can help make a difference. Grass seed also helps, but know that watering the empty places won’t encourage any new growth. That’s not how it works. Get rid of debris and loosen up the soil so that the roots get enough air, water, food, and sunlight to speed up their development. 

Use Water 

Water gives life. That’s true for all living things. Once the new parts of the lawn have been properly seeded and sodded, you need to make sure you use the right amount of water. Do this every day for two weeks to make sure the soil doesn’t dry out again. Eventually, you will want to make sure that the top two inches of soil stays wet enough to foster your new grass growth. Soon after that, your grass will reach the optimal height for mowing. Once that happens, you’ll need to be extra careful. After all, you want to be sure that roots have time to take hold. Water deeply once or twice every week to avoid drowning the roots of your new grass. The thicker the roots get, the more drought-resistant they become. 

Feed Your Lawn 

Don’t forget to feed your lawn! The seedlings are still delicate and need more food to promote their growth into healthy lawns. This food only needs to be distributed every 6-8 months, but it is something essential. You can’t forget it, or else all of your hard work will be undone. The nutrients you give your grass can help it ride out the hot summer weather, and whatever heavy rains are still to come. 

Get Rid of Pests

Getting rid of pests is also crucial. Weeds, bugs, fire ants, insects, and grubs can all ruin the look of your new lawn. Filling in the bald spots won’t do much if they turn back to patches of death and decay. Controlling the grubs is easy enough in the spring, but once late summer arrives, they could be out of control.  

Don’t Mow Too Soon

One last piece of advice is to wait. Give your grass and sod some time to settle in before you break out the lawnmower again. 

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