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Treating Fungus on New Sod

 Treating Fungus on New Sod quantico creek sod

What are some of the best ways to treat fungus problems on your sod?

When you have new sod installed, the lawn process is not the end. Instead, it is just the beginning! While it isn’t challenging to maintain your sod, you must follow the watering schedule we provide you with, treat your new turf carefully, and watch for the most common signs of turf disease or sod fungus. What are some of the best ways to treat fungus problems on your sod? 

Know How to Identify Fungus

Before you can treat turf disease, you need to be able to spot the signs of sod fungus on your new sod. Fungus typically begins on one piece of sod and branches out in a circular loop. While you might think fungus is initially just a dry patch, watering it can worsen things and lead the fungus to spread more. Look for a distinct area of dead grass with a faded ring instead of a uniformly brown piece of sod or sod solely browning around the edges. 

How to Treat Sod Fungus in New Sod

  1. One of the first steps you should take if you are concerned that you have sod fungus is reducing the amount of watering you are doing. Once your new sod has been in place for a few weeks, you can stop watering as intensely. However, any parts of the sod showing fungus damage should be avoided, or you run the risk of increasing fungus growth.
  2. Use a topical fungicide to treat the new sod where sod fungus is present. We can recommend a good fungicide for you to use that will be effective and easy to apply. Ensure you carefully read the instructions to understand exactly how to use the product. 
  3. If you notice signs of sod fungus on your new sod and throughout the lawn, you must take a more aggressive approach to treating turf disease. In these cases, applying a systemic fungicide is a good idea. Systemic fungicide is more intensive, and it works by circulating throughout the plant to treat current fungus and prevent future fungus from developing. 
  4. Once the fungus is under control, you should stay vigilant for future signs of turf disease. It is a good idea to plan on applying fungicide in the future in the spring and the fall. 

Get Your Yard Ready for Summer Fun

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