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Tips for Installing New Sod

Tips for Installing New Sod quantico creek sod

Sod installation is faster than growing a lawn from seed, and if you prepare appropriately, you could have a full, lush lawn by mid-summer.

If you’re still hopeful for a beautiful, well-maintained, healthy lawn this summer, you need to get cracking. Spring is pretty much behind us and summer is ready to roll. At this point, retail sod is your only choice for a lush, full lawn usable this season. Sod installation is faster than growing a lawn from seed, and if you prepare your new sod appropriately, you could have a full, lush lawn by mid-summer. Let’s review some important tips for installing new sod.


Start With An Even Assessment

Start by assessing what you already have in your yard that may make it easier or harder to install sod. For instance, if your yard slopes, it may be harder to install the sod and have it take root quickly. If your lawn currently butts right up to the house or trees, you might need to invest in mulch as a buffer, since new sod may not take as easily in those shaded areas. What is the current condition of your soil? You may need to augment the soil to balance the pH levels or to take additional time removing rocks and debris before you lay the sod. Finally, you will need to take accurate measurements to get enough sod to fully cover your lawn without gaps or spots.

Choose Your Provider And Sod Type

The next step is to find a sod provider and choose the type of grass you want. Your best bet is a local sod supplier, and if they are reputable, they will ask you questions about your hardiness zone, your sunlight versus shade situation, and other questions to make sure you get the right sod for your lawn. You should also have questions for them, including how quickly after being cut the sod can be delivered (it should be within 48 hours) and the cost of the whole project. 

Prepare For the Sod

You can do several things to prepare for the new sod installation, but the most important is to till to loosen the dirt. Next, augment the soil with organic matter to increase water retention and aeration. Finally, rake over everything so the surface is as flat and smooth as possible before rolling out the sod. 

Install The Sod Correctly

Installing sod can be very strenuous, so if you are not sure you can do it correctly, it is worthwhile to have it done professionally. Sod that isn’t installed correctly can fail to root properly and eventually die (wasting all that time and money you invested). 

Get Your Yard Ready for Summer!

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