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Summer Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy Landscape

Summer Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy Landscape quantico creek sod

We’re already dealing with a hot summer so we want to give you all the lawn care tips you need.

With the hot summer months upon us, many homeowners are worried about how to take care of their lawns. Lawn care can get difficult with the scorching heat but with the right lawn care principles in mind, you can still have a beautiful, lush lawn that thrives no matter what the sun throws at it. We’re already dealing with a hot summer so we want to get you all the lawn care tips you need. Here are our summer lawn care tips that we think are essential in keeping your lawn in prime condition.

Mowing and Other Maintenance

By properly mowing and maintaining your lawn needs, you can prevent stress and keep your lawn happy even with the hot sun beating down on it. Just make sure you follow the right processes, which means adjusting your mower blade so it’s the right height for your lawn. You also want to avoid cutting more than a third of the grass blades at a time to prevent stress.

You also want to make sure your mower blades are sharp enough to slice right through the blades of grass, otherwise, you risk tearing which could damage your grass. Adjust your mowing schedule accordingly; if your grass grows too quickly, you must mow more often.

Preventing Summer Pests

Anyone who is serious about their lawn knows that pests are a big issue, and they’re even more of a problem during the summer. That means cinch bugs, armyworms, grubs, and so much more, but there are ways to deal with it. Look for any signs of pests like brown or dead patches of green, small holes in the soil, and wilted leaves. Once you notice any signs, consult your local lawn care service and see what they think. They may have a few ideas on how you can control that pest problem.

Preventative measures are also a great route to go down. Some people put down beneficial nematodes to help deal with pests. But beyond that, just maintaining a healthy lawn will go a long way in stopping pests from taking home in your beautiful lawn.

Dealing with Summer Stress

Summer can be stressful due to issues like high temperatures, disease, heavy foot traffic, pests, droughts, and more. To take some of that stress off of your lawn, water it deeply but infrequently. Do so about once or twice a week and ensure it gets a good soaking to help build lawn resilience to the heat.

You also want to provide shade where possible. Planting trees or installing a shade sail are great ways to do this, especially if you’ve experienced droughts in the past. For any other issues, make sure you reach out to a lawn care company and see what they are able to do for you.

Get Your Yard Ready for Summer Fun

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