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Tips for Mowing New Sod

Tips for Mowing New Sod quantico creek sod

When you have new sod installed in your yard, it’s important to invest in sod maintenance to ensure that it thrives.

When you have new sod installed in your yard, it’s important to invest in sod maintenance to ensure that it thrives. You will need to adapt your behavior in the early weeks to ensure that your sod does well and becomes a key part of your landscaping. Here are some of our best tips for mowing new sod. 

When Can You Mow New Sod?

When installing new sod in your yard, you don’t want to start the mowing process immediately. Instead, it’s best to wait until about two weeks after installation before mowing. Before you start up the mower and complete your landscaping, ensure the sod has small white roots emerging from the bottom. This indicates that it will not be pulled up from the ground as you mow over top. If the sod lifts from the ground very easily, it is best to wait a couple of days extra before mowing your new sod.  

How Should You Mow New Sod?

As you mow new sod, you never want to mow it too short. By mowing at a higher blade setting, you will help encourage more growth, which helps the sod to get further established. If you find pieces of lawn are coming up as you mow, you should stop immediately and wait at least a few more days before trying again. Make sure to follow the watering schedule you were provided with during your side installation, as that is one key component of ensuring the sod grows as quickly as possible. 

Mowing new sod is different from mowing established grass, as the primary objective of sod maintenance for new sod is encouraging lateral growth. This helps the side pieces to connect to one another and the underlying dirt. If you do not mow at the right time, you can cause unnecessary stress for the lawn and permanent damage. Instead of focusing on limiting the length of your lawn as you might for established patches of lawn, you should instead focus on encouraging growth.

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