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How to Prevent Turf Heat Stress

How to Prevent Turf Heat Stress quantico creek sod

One of the biggest threats to your new sod is going to be turf heat stress.

If you’ve decided to invest in your lawn and replace or repair your existing grass with turf grass, you’re making a good choice to support the quality of your yard and the curb appeal of your property. New sod installation could be a lot of work; more often than not, it is best left to the professionals. If you decide to install it all by yourself, you risk mistreating and ultimately hurting the turf grass you’ve paid so much for. One of the biggest threats to your new sod is going to be turf heat stress. Let’s learn more about turf heat stress and how to protect your new lawn from this danger.

What Is Turf Heat Stress?

The first thing you must remember about sod is that it is actually hundreds of little grass plants. Since grass is everywhere, it is easy to forget that it is still a plant, and as such, it needs sunlight, air, and water. When sod is harvested, it is pulled up and rolled into rolls, which means that individual plants don’t have enough of these key elements. These rolls are then stacked and transported, increasing the stress on these plants even more. Over time, the heat will build up in and between the rolls, and the grass plants will dry out and start to die. 

How Do You Prevent Turf Heat Stress?

The only way to really prevent turf heat stress is to lay the sod as soon as it is delivered. This is why having a professional do the installation is so important. They know everything you need to do to prepare the ground for the sod, including removing any existing grass, rocks, stones, weeds, and debris; leveling and tilling; and balancing pH and nutrient levels. They work closely with the delivery drivers to ensure the ground is ready to go and the sod can be installed as soon as it arrives. 

If you can’t install the sod immediately, remember to never water the rolled sod. This will make it very heavy and cause it to break or encourage rot and fungus growth. You should also not cover the sod, but it should not be left in direct sunlight. If you need a few days leeway, you could unroll the sod, give it water and some air and sunlight, and then re-roll it, but that is a ton of additional work and not as effective as just installing it right away.

Get Your Yard Ready for Summer!

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