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Tall Fescue Lawn Care

Quantico Creek Sod Tall Fescue

Tall fescue turf grass is a popular, low-maintenance option for many residential lawns, especially in the middle and northern U.S.

Tall fescue is a great low-maintenance cool-season turf grass. It’s dense and has minimal mowing fertilization needs, making it the perfect sod grass for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on maintenance. Tall fescue is one of the most popular residential turf grasses, especially in the middle and northern United States.


Tall fescue should be mowed whenever it reaches 3 inches, but it should never be mowed below 1.5 inches. It’s preferable to keep your tall fescue at 2 inches in height for the optimal look and health of your lawn. If your tall fescue grows past 3 inches over the winter months, don’t take off more than ⅓ of the length to keep from stressing the grass and causing damage or leaving it vulnerable to disease.


While tall fescue is low-maintenance in general, it does require deep, consistent watering. The lawn should be left to dry between these deep waterings. To make this process easier, it’s helpful to have an irrigation system installed that runs on an appropriate schedule and is set to deliver the appropriate amount of water to the lawn no matter what season it is or what kind of weather is present. Take care not to overwater during rainy seasons. A deep watering should only take place when there has been less than 1 inch of rain during the previous week.

Special Characteristics

One of the special characteristics of tall fescue is its great density, creating a plush and beautiful lawn. This turf grass is also able to adapt to clay soil and is one of the few types of grass that are capable of this. In addition, tall fescue will thrive in both sunny or partially shaded areas, making it an excellent choice for many people, layouts, and circumstances. It is resistant to many diseases that threaten most other lawns. This cool-season turf grass will stay green even in the winter—it is one of the more hardy sod options available, especially for temperate and cold climates.

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