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The Best Methods for Weed Management

Quantico Creek Sod Farms Weed Management

Fall is upon us, but weed management remains as important as ever. Take some steps to keep them under control.

The pumpkin spice express is comin’ round the mountain, and fall is upon us. In many cases, that means that the heaviest work of lawn care is behind you for the year, but there is some seasonal work you still need to do, not just to keep your lawn healthy through the fall but also to set yourself up for success next year and beyond. Weed management is one of those year-round tasks that you need to have on your radar most of the year. If you need a great little refresher for dealing with weeds, look no further than this list.

Leave No Room

Weeds have to compete for the same nutrients and space as any other plant. The reason that weeds do so well is that they usually can use these resources more efficiently. If you have your garden packed with plants that do well in your conditions, they may be able to out-compete the weeds and leave them no room to grow. 

Learn About Weeds

To really control weeds, you need to be able to identify them correctly. The more that you know about the weeds that you have popping up, the easier time you will have when it comes to pulling them out. The specifics you should research include how the plants spread (a weed that sends out runners is different than a weed that has seeds).

Apply Mulch

Mulching is a great way to limit weed growth. There are both organic and inorganic mulches available on the market. The inorganic ones last longer, but both are great for limiting weeds by blocking their access to sunlight. If you have extensive weeds, you likely won’t be able to completely smother them with just mulch, so you might want to put down a layer of cardboard and then cover it with mulch.

Don’t Stir the Soil

While it may seem strange to say that you should leave the soil alone to discourage weeds, there’s a reason. Of course, when you’re pulling weeds out, you will disrupt the soil some, but this tip has to do with just turning over the soil for no reason. If you do this, you increase the likelihood of distributing those seeds from weeds to a greater area.

Use the Right Tools

Having the right tools also makes it easier to successfully get rid of the weeds. Make sure that you have a garden shovel, shears, and maybe a multi-purpose weed puller. Having the tools easily at hand, when you find that taproot, for instance, makes the work easier. 

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