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Preparing Your Soil for Sod Installation

person laying sod on lawn

Here are some tips for preparing your soil for sod installation.

When preparing for sod installation, it’s important to note that different types will have different needs to grow healthily. However, no matter what kind of sod you’re planting, the one thing they all need is great soil. Healthy soil is the key to healthy grass growth, and if you’re planning on laying out sod for your lawn, you need to know the health of your soil. Prepping the soil well will allow your new sod to have the best possible chance of growing into a beautiful, green lawn. Here are some more details on why soil is so important in the growth of sod.

Water Retention

Water is critical for the development and growth of root systems, and soil plays a big role in how much of that water makes it to the sod roots. If the soil is too sandy, water drains too quickly or will evaporate into the air, which makes conditions too dry for active root growth. On the other hand, soil with a consistency like clay will retain too much water – another problem that will inhibit the healthy growth of the sod. Professionals will often use a layer of topsoil to remedy this – it ensures that there is a proper soil consistency that will help the grass to grow.

Feeding Nutrients

To further promote healthy growth of sod, the soil needs to be able to provide the nutrients the sod needs to survive. Ideally, this forms a mixture of organic and inorganic elements within the soil. However, the addition of fertilizer will ensure proper growth. For best results, use a slow-release fertilizer rich in phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. This will continually feed the sod the nutrients it needs to grow during the entire growth cycle, which is especially important as the roots take hold within the soil.

After Sod Installation

Once you’ve done the work of prepping the soil and laying the sod, you’ll need to keep up with the needs of the sod over the next several weeks. Ensure that you continue to water the sod so it can establish its root system. Lay new fertilizer into the system every 30-45 days to replenish the soil with vital nutrients. Once the sod is grown out and established within the soil, mow it carefully according to best practices.

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