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A Primer on Kentucky Bluegrass

Many homeowners dream of having a flawless lawn. Kentucky bluegrass can go a long way towards making that happen.

You might only think of bluegrass as a style of music. It’s probably most closely related to the areas of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Many homeowners dream of having a flawless lawn. Kentucky bluegrass can go a long way towards making that happen. 

Quick Facts 

The nickname of this grass is associated with Kentucky. In fact, Kentucky is known as the “Bluegrass State” however, it originated in Europe. It is also a known commodity out in Northern Asia as well. Still, it made a great fit for Kentucky, which features gentle slopes and pleasant hills. At first, it was marketed under the name KBG but grew popular enough to be sold all over the country. It grows every year, which makes it a perennial. It also loves cooler-season weather. Even though fall is behind us, the transition from winter to spring is coming!

The Fundamentals 

Now let’s turn our attention to some other fundamentals of this grass. It can also withstand some heat and drought conditions, which should perk your ears up for the summer planting season. However, it doesn’t like shade or stress very much, so there is that consideration to make. Unlike tall fescue, the grassroots here don’t reach down all that far. Zoysia grass does better under these conditions, but even so, it hasn’t stopped the Kentucky bluegrass from being able to thrive in basically any climate. With enough irrigation, it can endure the higher temperatures of the West Coast and the Southwest Corridor. 

What Else to Consider

Are you ready to choose your next grass? Make your lawn even stronger than it was last year! You won’t be disappointed when you choose Kentucky bluegrass. Although it won’t germinate as quickly, it is still worth the wait. After all, it can form its own sod, and that is another valuable quality you might not see in ryegrass or tall fescue. Since the turf becomes so thick, it can also be able to withstand some foot traffic – just be careful when it’s time to mow!

It looks beautiful, so if you want to improve curb appeal, then this might be the right grass for you! Read the seed tag label to see what type of seeds you are getting since there are many different varieties to choose from when you go on a search!

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