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4 Winter Lawn Care Tips

4 Winter Lawn Care Tips

Even though you won’t need to spend as much time looking after your lawn, here are some winter lawn care tips you should follow.

It won’t be long now until winter is here for real. The arctic blast covering roughly two-thirds of the eastern United States isn’t fun by any stretch of the imagination. That means it can be difficult enough to go outside to check the mail or walk the dog. Even though you won’t need to spend as much time looking after your lawn, here are some winter lawn care tips you should follow. 

Keep Applying Fertilizer

Use a spreader to apply some fertilizer. Although you don’t need to use as much as you did over the summer, you don’t want to ignore this task either. The point is to keep your yard green and healthy. Make sure you follow all of the directions printed on the fertilizer’s packaging and that you don’t overdo it. If you add too much, you could end up burning your grass instead. This outcome is the opposite of what you want.  

Take Time to Aerate 

It’s also worth it to aerate your lawn. By doing this, you can ensure that the roots get more air than they would otherwise. Once the snow falls, your grass will be covered and potentially suffocating, and you would never know. Use a spade to cut spikes of soil out of the ground, leaving holes for future seed-planting. For bigger lawns, you may want to rent or borrow a motorized aerator to help expedite the process.  

Start Spreading Cool-Weather Grasses

Winter lawn care can be tricky. That is why you must realize that different types of grasses thrive under different weather conditions. Fortunately, the fall is the best time of year to start spreading cool-weather grass seeds like the fescues you can order from Quantico Creek Sod Farm! The spreader you used for the fertilizer can also help you distribute these seeds. One word of caution, though: try and spread them out evenly to avoid unsightly clumping that could inhibit healthy grass growth once spring returns. 

Keep Raking and Watering 

Finally, remember to continue raking and watering your lawn. One reason to keep raking is to clear away fallen leaves and other debris that could invite dollarweed, crabgrass, or mold that could start flourishing on your lawn. Doing this can also help break up the soil some more and ensure that the seeds get the coverage they need. Use your garden hose to water the lawn to keep the soil nice and moist. Without adding the right amounts of water, all your efforts at winter lawn care will be for nothing. 

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