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4 Benefits of Sodding in the Fall

4 Benefits of Sodding in the Fall Quantico & Creek

While reseeding gives you a perfect and crowded lawn, it takes time to establish and requires a strict maintenance routine.

Since most of the homeowners are impatient, they prefer sodding over reseeding. There is always a quick fix to every problem. While some people prefer taking the highway, some will take shortcuts. The bottom line is achieving the desired results. The same applies to establishing a lawn; some prefer reseeding while others prefer sodding. Whether you choose to sod or reseed, you will encounter some benefits and challenges. 

So, when is the perfect time to sod? The best time to lay the sod is late summer or early fall. At this time, the daytime temperatures are warm, and the nights are more relaxed. Here are some of the benefits of sodding in the fall!

Easy Way To Install A New Lawn

You can sod or reseed your lawn during fall or in spring. However, laying sod appears to be the easier way of having a new lawn. Sodding involves getting fully grown grass that has been professionally nurtured and laying it on your prepared lawn. It is advisable to sod during fall since most professional landscapers are done with spring activities and are readily available.

Quickest Way To Establish A Lawn

If you need a lawn in the shortest possible time, sodding should be your option. While reseeding gives you a perfect and crowded lawn, it takes time to establish and requires a strict maintenance routine. Also, ensure you get your sod from a reputable dealer to get fresh and quality sod ready to take root.  

The Cool Temperatures Works Perfectly

The temperatures are cool and more stable during fall than during the warm seasons. Furthermore, you will be laying a mature grass that inhibits the growth of weeds, reduces evaporation of water, and is resistant to diseases.

Requires Less Pampering

When you sod during the fall, you do not need to water the lawn three to four times a day as you do when establishing a grass nursery. Instead, you need to water the lawn regularly until the sod attaches to the soil. Also, when the grass is entirely found, you should reduce the watering routine to avoid softening the lawn surface.

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