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Quantico Creek Sod Farms

Why Settle for Less? Choose Quantico Creek Sod Farms

At Quantico Creek Sod Farms, we understand the frustrations of long lead times and inconsistent service. If you’re tired of waiting for weeks for fresh sod, it’s time for a change. Our farm is dedicated to providing top-quality warm and cool season grasses year-round, with next-day lead times to ensure your projects stay on track.


  • For Commercial Installers

    North Carolina landscapers, developers, and businesses often face unreliable service and inventory shortages from local suppliers. At Quantico Creek Sod Farms, we’re here to solve these problems. We offer:

    • Immediate Availability: Say goodbye to long lead times. We have the inventory, capacity, and service to meet your needs without delay.
    • Year-Round Supply: Whether you need warm season grasses in summer or cool season grasses in winter, we’ve got you covered all year.
    • Reliability & Professionalism: Trust us to be your reliable partner, helping you complete jobs on time with exceptional quality.

    Don’t let inventory issues hinder your success. Partner with Quantico Creek Sod Farms and experience the difference.

  • For Homeowners

    Transform your lawn with the finest sod delivered right to your door. Our state-of-the-art delivery fleet can bring as little as one pallet directly to your home, ensuring your lawn project goes smoothly. We offer both cool and warm season grasses to suit your needs.

    • Easy Ordering: Our online system makes it simple to order the exact amount of sod you need.
    • Fast Delivery: Get your sod delivered quickly, so you can start enjoying your beautiful lawn sooner.
    • Top Quality: Our grasses are grown with care to ensure the highest quality for your home.

Experience the Quantico Creek Difference

With over 150 years of excellence in sod production and delivery, Quantico Creek Sod Farms combines tradition with innovation. Our commitment to quality and service has made us the largest sod farm in the Mid-Atlantic region.

  • Innovation at the Heart of Tradition

    We blend cutting-edge agricultural practices with the trust and loyalty of our clients.

  • Dedication to Quality

    Our expertise ensures that we provide unmatched service and preserve a legacy of excellence.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

    Our methods and services evolve to better cater to your needs, ensuring your projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Ready to Elevate Your Sod Experience?

Contact us today to get a quote and discover how our longstanding commitment can enhance your projects. Whether you’re a commercial installer or a homeowner, Quantico Creek Sod Farms is here to meet your sod needs with unmatched quality and service.

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