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Tips for Dealing with Mushrooms on Your Lawn

Quantico Creek Mushrooms Lawn

Managing mushrooms on your lawn doesn’t have to be difficult—fungicide application and balancing your soil nutrients will make all the difference.

Mushrooms are an important part of any ecosystem, and many people enjoy mushrooming. Mushrooms are great, but they’re not necessarily welcome on your lawn. Mushrooms spread via spores, and they can grow out of control very quickly. This can result in them taking over your beautiful lawn and becoming a huge, unsightly problem. It’s critical to deal with mushrooms on your lawn quickly and efficiently to keep them at bay.


One of the simplest and most popular ways to deal with mushrooms on your lawn is to use a fungicide treatment. This is a perfectly acceptable solution, and it will work most of the time. If you have a major mushroom problem or just a limited amount of time, fungicide is one of the best ways to deal with mushrooms by killing off their spores and hindering their chance to thrive and spread.


If you don’t want to use fungicide on your lawn and would rather enlist a more eco-friendly solution, there are a few options to keep mushrooms from overtaking your lawn. Aeration is an important way to keep mushrooms at bay—they prefer moist conditions, and aeration improves the drainage in your soil, which will keep it from becoming too damp, which will enable the growth of mushrooms.

Remove Organic Materials

Another way to avoid a damp lawn is to remove organic material as quickly as possible. Grass clippings, fallen leaves, and other debris need to be removed to keep your lawn clear and avoid promoting mushroom growth. If you want to keep things environmentally friendly, consider composting these organic materials are moving them to your garden, where they will act as a natural fertilizer for your plants.

Water in the Morning

Water in the early morning so the warmth of the day will have time to dry out your soil. Watering in the afternoon or evening could leave your lawn damp for too long, resulting in the potential for mushroom growth.

High Nitrogen Fertilizer

When you need to lay out fertilizer, consider choosing one that’s high in nitrogen if you’re having trouble with mushrooms. High nitrogen fertilizer will decompose organic matter faster, starving out the mushrooms and keeping your lawn clear. Don’t forget to do a soil test—if you’re having trouble with mushrooms, you may find that your soil is lacking in nitrogen, and the lab will have suggestions on which fertilizers are best to use to stabilize your lawn’s nutrients.

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