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The Benefits of Buying Local, Farm-Fresh Sod

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It’s important to remember that grass is a living organism, and buying farm-fresh local sod ensures that it’s healthy when it reaches you.

There are several methods for purchasing sod for your home. Whether you purchase it from a store, have it delivered from an online vendor, or purchase it from a local farm or nursery, it is important to know the difference between these options and which is the best option for you. Ultimately, it’s often recommended that anyone purchasing sod for their home should choose local, farm-fresh sod.

Fresh Off the Lot

The best option when it comes to sod is always fresh—fresh sod is healthy and can be laid down quickly to create an instantaneously stunning lawn that looks like it’s always been there. When you order sod ffom a local farm, it is cut for you specifically so it hasn’t been in a roll without nutrients for very long by the time it gets to you. The faster it’s installed, the better the result will be. Sod that comes off-the-rack or through delivery services has been rolled for an extended period of time and the lack of nutrients will lead to waning health and more significant damage that will require extra work to heal.


You might not find rock-bottom prices from your local sod farm, but you will find competitive pricing and much healthier sod that doesn’t need the extra work of sod that has been purchased from a store or online. Sod should be kept in a roll for as little time as possible to ensure that it is installed at its healthiest—this isn’t possible with store sod or online purchases. These will come in a roll that has traveled a significant distance and will be much more vulnerable to damage and disease. This will require much more work for the buyer, who will have to add a lot of nutrients and products to mitigate damage and get the new sod to a healthy state. It’s also worth noting that purchasing your sod from a local sod farm supports your local economy and is beneficial for everyone in the local area.

That Personal Touch

When you purchase sod from a local sod farm, you get the personal touch of dealing directly with experts. They are passionate about their profession and their knowledge and experience can be invaluable, especially to anyone new to sod. They can offer a lot of tricks and tips that make your experience much easier so you can spend more time enjoying your sod and less time struggling to understand why things aren’t working the way you expected. If you aren’t keen to do your own install, you can also save some time and money by hiring your sod farm to deliver and install your new sod for you all in one fell swoop.

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