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How to Measure Your Lawn for a Sod Installation

sod installation measurement

Consider these factors when measuring for your sod installation.

When it comes to installing sod, having the proper measurements is always key. In fact, whenever installing sod in your yard, it is imperative you double — even triple check — the measurements — otherwise you could end up with either too much or not enough sod for your entire yard. But, it can be difficult for homeowners to know how to properly measure their yard for sod. Here are some easy tips and helpful guides to ensure you properly measure for sod to ensure the installation process is as smooth and easy as possible. 

Measuring Your Lawn

To properly and adequately measure your lawn it becomes increasingly important to measure both the length as well as the width of your entire yard. In fact, having both measurements is crucial when it comes to installing sod in your yard. The reality is, making note of both the length and width is vital when installing sod successfully.

Make Note Of Your Property Lines

Another key component to getting ready for sod is properly marking up your property lines. In fact, you’ll want to make sure you keep things in order by ensuring you know precisely where your property line starts and ends. This means that you will want to find the necessary documents outlining the correct property lines for your home. 

What Tools To Use

Using the proper tools will make all the difference when it comes to measuring your yard. In fact, when using a tape measure or measuring wheel, it is imperative that you make sure to use the side with the widest and longest sides of each section. Doing so will help ensure the measurements you take are as accurate and precise as possible to get the lawn ready for the sod installation.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing more essential to getting your home and lawn ready for sod than properly measuring your yard. In fact, doing so will ensure the installation is as smooth as possible. The reality is, having the proper tools and knowing how to use them can make the measuring process a lot easier and simpler than you think. As a result, you can look forward to lawn care tasks without stressing over sod installation. 

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