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Lawn Care Tips: Managing Your Lawn in Drought Conditions

Lawn Care Tips: Managing Your Lawn in Drought Conditions

The same principle applies to your lawn, so follow these lawn care tips to avoid that unpleasant outcome!

While a drought hasn’t hit Maryland yet, if you know that you feel uncomfortable when it’s too hot out, imagine how your lawn feels. Just for a minute, let’s suppose that you keep a mint plant by the front door. You want to make sure it gets enough shade and water and light to thrive. Too much or too little, and it can shrivel. The same principle applies to your lawn, so follow these lawn care tips to avoid that unpleasant outcome! 

Managing the Soil

Without the right soil composition, your lawn will begin to wither. Being too dry can be intolerable for many plants, and it doesn’t matter if you’re taking care of vegetables in your garden, the trees along the edge of your property, or looking after the sod that you want to lay down at some point. It all starts with responsible soil management. Try using top-dressing, aerating, composting, liming, and dethatching to help revitalize your soil and fight off any diseases that could threaten your roots. The best soil produces the best turf, so make that your goal.

Managing the Water 

You’ve also got to make sure that you give your lawn the right amount of water. In a drought, lawn care becomes even more critical. The next step in the process of taking better care of your lawn begins by measuring and managing how much water you use. Lawn sprinklers aren’t always the best solution, so consider the merits of an automated irrigation system instead. Timers can also help for making sure you stick to a set schedule when it’s time to water the lawn. Then it only uses enough water and not too much or too little. Don’t irrigate too often, though, as you need to simulate rain-like conditions to help the roots dig deeper and survive longer.

Managing the Grass

Now it’s time to think about how you should go about caring for the grass on your lawn. After all, lawn care is much simpler and more complicated than you think at the same time. Consider the type of grass that composes your yard right now – fescues and buffalo grass can withstand drought conditions more easily. Drought-tolerant grasses are also able to survive longer with far less water than other types of grasses. 

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