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How to Care For Your Tall Fescue Lawn

quantico creek sod farm tall fescue lawn

Remember this year-round care tips for your tall fescue lawn.

Tall fescue grass is a gorgeous variety that doesn’t just stay green; it’ll give you a thick, lush lawn fit for a golf course with the proper care. However, like all plants, there are certain diseases, pests, and fungi that can destroy the integrity of your lawn. So how do you take care of your tall fescue lawn, so it stays healthy all year long? 

Taking Care of Tall Fescue Lawns

The makings of a perfect tall fescue lawn are, of course, proper care and maintenance. When your lawn is healthy, it will be less likely to develop weeds, disease, and pests. Here’s how you can take care of your grass, so it comes back stronger and thicker each year. 

Preventing and Controlling Weeds

One highly effective way to control weeds is to stop them before they grow. While it’s cold, consider applying a pre-emergent herbicide, which will stop the seeds from germinating altogether. Pre-emergent herbicides prevent weeds like clover, goosegrass, or wild violet from growing. 

You can use a post-emergent herbicide if you already see weeds growing in your yard. Make sure you read labels to ensure it’s appropriate for tall fescue. Otherwise, it may damage the healthy grass around the weeds.

Treating Fungi and Bacteria

Like all plants, tall fescue is susceptible to fungus and other bacteria that can damage your grass. If you notice dead patches of grass, brown patches, or “bald” spots in your yard, that may indicate that you have a fungus like brown patch, pythium blight, or leaf spot. These can be treated with a fungicide and applied every two weeks or once a month. Make sure you check your labels and double-check the fungicide is safe for tall fescue. 

Removing Pests

Of course, it’s impossible to prevent all bugs from crawling in your yard. But, pests like cutworms, armyworms, or white grubs can damage your lawn. If you’re noticing pest damage, there are some great insecticides for tall fescue grass that you can use on your property. Insecticides can also be used to prevent infestations as well. 

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