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How Much Sod Do I Need?

How Much Sod Do I Need? quantico creek sod

Here are some tips for deciding how much sod you need for your project.

Measuring sod before installing it will save you time, money, and help avoid inaccurate guesswork. Whether you are an experienced landscaper or a homeowner starting a DIY yard project, determining the correct amount of sod for your property is a necessary step to take. Here are some tips for deciding how much sod you need for your project.

Find the Surface Area of Your Lawn

Select a flat area in your yard that will be suitable for laying sod. Make sure the site is clean, level, and free of weeds. Mark off reference lines with spray paint or by stretching a string between stakes along the width and length of the area. Use a tape measure to calculate how much area you can cover with your number of pallets. Measure the length and width of the area using a tape measure, then multiply your measurements together to determine the square footage of the space.

Do Some Math

Divide square footage by 9 to get your pallet quantity. For example, if you have 1,000 square feet in your space, you will need 111 pallets to cover the area. It is best to add 2% or 3% extra for fitting sod into odd-shaped areas. It’s easier to have a little leftover than needing more sod.

Once you have your number, measure 6 inches from the top edge of your string lines and make reference marks with chalk every 12 inches along the length of the space. You will use these reference marks when placing each pallet in position.

Lay Down the Pallets

Remove the pallets from their stacks, ensuring all of the plates together with the bottom side facing down. Then, follow your reference marks and place the pallets so that the top of each piece is flush against your reference lines. Use a shovel to dig out 6×6-inch wide trenches along the edges of your pallets. Lift up any corner pieces with a spade to ensure they are properly attached.

Flatten the Soil

Once all of your pieces are attached, use a shovel to flatten down the soil along the top edges of the pallets, filling in any small gaps between the sod pieces and making sure the surface is even. Then, water your yard thoroughly until it feels spongy, and let it settle for about a week. However, you should always ask your sod supplier for their recommendation for that type of sod.

Get Your Yard Ready for Winter!

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