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How a Well-Kept Lawn Can Boost Property Value

How a Well-Kept Lawn Can Boost Property Value quantico creek sod

Want to know more about why well-kept grass and landscaping are so important for property value? Read this!

Summer is a great time to sell your home because many families want to settle in before the kids are off to school in the fall. Therefore, if you are considering moving on to new opportunities, now is the time! It’s time to prep your property for that first big open house. But, one thing that is often overlooked by homeowners is the front and back yards. You’d be surprised at how much a well-kept, fully sodded yard affects a potential buyer’s first impression of the home. Curb appeal undoubtedly plays a huge role in selling a home. Want to know more about why well-kept grass and landscaping are so important when selling a property? Read this!

Increases Property Value

Not only does a nice well-cared lawn look great and catch people’s eyes before even entering the home itself, but it can also increase the home’s overall value by up to 15%. That’s a lot more for such a seemingly minor detail! Although a few future homeowners like to “flip” their new homes and gardens from drab to fab, most homebuyers want a home that looks great from the minute they purchase it, and the grass surrounding the home is no exception. 

How to Improve Curb Appeal with Grass

The best way to improve curb appeal is to take care of your lawn and grass! This can be done in many different ways. A great place to start is by making your grass type consistent throughout your lawn. This usually means purchasing some new sod in a suitable (preferably lower maintenance) grass type for your area. Laying sod in an even manner will quickly help to make your home’s yard look as if it were a brand-new lot. Secondly, keeping the lawn mowed frequently makes it look better and prevents damage from weed overgrowth or burrowing insects or animals making their homes in the grass and soil. 

Further Grass Maintenance

The steps above should suffice, but if you want to make a greater effort to make your grass stand out, try adding a fertilizer routine. Fertilizer is extremely important in growing healthy grass, and it’s easier to install than one may think! For example, old grass clippings from the lawn can be a great source of fertilizer for the soil. Lastly, weeding procedures can help make the lawn look much more presentable. This is best discussed with a turfgrass expert who can determine the appropriate products and solutions to prevent weeds. 

Get Your Yard Ready for Summer!

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