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Fall Lawn Care for Cool-Season Grasses

Fall Lawn Care for Cool-Season Grasses quantico creek sod

Doing some prep work will keep your cool-season grasses healthy throughout the winter.

Now that October is here, the care for cool-season grasses is going to slow down significantly. With that in mind, there are some important steps to take when winterizing your lawn and garden. Doing some prep work will keep your grass and soil healthy throughout the winter months and provide a much faster and better bounce back when spring finally comes around.

Test Your Soil

If you haven’t had your soil tested yet, now is the time. The best way to do this is to find a soil testing lab near you and send samples in from different areas of your lawn and gardens. A soil testing lab will provide precise results, letting you know what your soil lacks.

Once you have your results, add mulch or fertilizer to your lawn and garden to correct soil nutrient deficiencies. Fall is the perfect time to do this because winter is harsh, especially here in Maryland. Feeding your soil well before the first hard frost will give it time to absorb those essential nutrients and remain as healthy as possible over the course of the winter. Once spring comes around, your lawn and garden will be much healthier and require less initial maintenance.

Save Fallen Autumn Leaves

While many people choose to mulch or bag their leaves, but leaving them on the ground can benefit your lawn and garden if done correctly. A thick covering of leaves will suffocate your lawn, but a light covering will protect and feed your lawn by providing cover during freezes and eventually breaking down and becoming active nutrients for your soil. Making soil amendments in the fall leads to healthier soil throughout winter and spring.

Adjust Your Watering Schedule

October is the time of year to reduce how much water you’re giving your lawn. As the temperatures cool, evaporation slows, and you risk drowning your plants and overwatering your soil. Beginning in October, you should slow your watering down to 1 inch every 10-14 days to account for these weather changes. As always, remember to skip watering if it has rained recently. Fall is a rainy season in Maryland, so watering should be light and infrequent.

Get Your Yard Ready for Fall!

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